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The beauty of merino fibre

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Happy clients

" I adore my merino dress! It is the ultimate winter piece in my wardrobe. So easy to wash too!"

" Thank you so much for the fabulous work you have done on my dress, you walked down the aisle with me!"

"I didn't know my fave jeans could be saved!! Thanks heaps Dom! "

Dressmaking services

Bespoke process

Dressmaking is the key for that special event or simply to enjoy every garment in your wardrobe fit like a glove.
It is align with everything conscious; better for the environment, personalized service and originality. Not surprising that bespoke couture is gaining in popularity. The latest in trends is to have a personal designer create the perfect garment that fits only you.

It is a great experience that I am happy to offer. I create the patterns that is tested in a calico( beige cotton)“ toile” and the garment go through all the necessary fittings to achieve the best results. 

With a pattern named after you it is easy to order more in different colours or add variations. 
It is a work of love, but so worth it. 
Do not hesitate to contact me.

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If your favorite jeans have worn out, the zip broke or you pulled up those skinnies to hard resulting in ripped belt loop? Don’t worry, It is possible and affordable to keep them in use. 


Having your garments fit you well is also possible through a less time consuming process then dressmaking. Slight adjustments like shoulder lifts, changing length or tapering sides can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your garments.  
I specialize in wedding gown alterations as well. If your dress turned up a nightmare or things have changed since you last bought it I am here to help.