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Merino facts

Merino wool information’s;

 Merino interesting facts:

The special Lanolin oil that protects the wool and sheep skin from infections is what gives the merino wool fibre its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Meaning it is odourless and can be worn many times without needing a wash.


The internal structure of the wool “hair” - a corkscrew like design in three dimensions- is what gives it it’s elasticity and strength. It can be bend back on itself 20,000 times without braking. It is also much finer than other wool giving its reputation to be the “non-itchy” wool.


Merino is sought after in most outdoor activities for its ability to draw in moisture (up to 30% of its own weight) while staying dry to the touch and warm.


Merino is a natural fire retardant and will self-extinguish if fire catches on it. Saving your skin from terrible burns compare to other fibres that will melt.


Merino is a great UV protection and will keep you protected from the sun.


There are different merino wool qualities on the market. The most expensive ones will come from the best part of the sheep (made with the fleece) and won’t be harshly processed with acid. That quality wool will of course cost more but won’t be weaken by the carbonisation process and therefore won’t pill.


Merino has made its reputation to be biodegradable and sustainable making it a wise and conscious choice.